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Have you ever wanted to get into comics? Have you ever needed a particular comic book to add to your collection? Do Eternal Thirst of Dracula, Birthright, or Black Science sound like titles that interest you? Or maybe you’re into mangas, Japanese comics like Shaman Warrior, Assassination Classroom, or Neon Genesis Evangelion. No? What about Teen Titans Funko Pop figures, Star Wars action figures, tv shows like Rick and Morty, or t-shirts about tv shows like Rick and Morty, or Deadpool and Spiderman cosplay masks, or board games like 12 Realms, Arena for the Gods, and Ghostbuster. Or card games like Boss Monster Dungeon Building, Pathfinder Adventure, and Magic the Gathering, or bags, or keychains, or posters, or movies. If you have any minute interest in geek culture, you’ll probably find something in Forbidden Planet to make you happy.

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(A Pakistani marine turned business owner, stopping in for a haircut)

New York is touted as one of the most diverse cities in the world. It is also said if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. So when this Pakistani immigrant came to New York, he epitomized why these sayings were not just clichés.

He came to the United States on an immigrant visa with his sister. His sister wanted to become a doctor in America. An ex-Merchant Marine captain, he wanted to ease his sister’s worry about being alone. When he arrived in New York, he would travel to Manhattan. At that time, he noticed not too many Pakistanis lived in New York, and only a few of them had a business. He decided to open a business in Manhattan. In 1982, he bought his first business, which was a convenience store. When he started up the business, he didn’t know anything. He got up at three in the morning, went to Manhattan, and opened his store at four o’ clock. His store would operate for about thirteen hours every day.

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New York is Unique

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(A college student on her way home from school)

Central Park is one place that makes New York special compared to other cities. It’s like a whole different area in itself. You have trees, rocks, lakes, and I always like bodies of water. Any time there’s a body of water, I’m always attracted to that, which you only get in New York, so you have to find places. I like Central Park because of the history there too. I like Waterside, which is in Midtown. I like going there because you see the East River. From the East River, you look over from the edge of Manhattan and you see Queens. I like looking at bodies of water because it makes me calm.

If I were to describe New York to someone who wanted to come, I would say find your community. New York is so big, you could get lonely. If you were into art, you could go to the art museums. Maybe you’re immigrating from a country. Maybe you want to go to Little India, or you want to go to Liberty so you’re with your people, but you still experience New York, so you never feel like you’re alone. There’s always something there for you to do. So whether you’re into acting, or museums, or whatever, just find your community, find your people, and you’ll have a great time.

(Nalanie Hariprasad, Queens Village)

What is New York life?

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New York is a busy place during the day. However, when the sun sets, the city lights will come on, and you begin to realize why it is the city that never sleeps.

Hello world!

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